Project 2.002

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Iteration Model Flooding/Draining

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Here is a video Audrey and I made to show what would happen when a clay model, representing our initial design proposal for Desoto Park, was flooded and then drained. Feel free to skip around to the action.

Photographic Annotation Observation

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This weeks site observation: Use only photographs to express some of the same ideas that were expressed through annotation last week.

River Control Structures

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Here is a presentation I gave on Mississippi River control systems/structures. I also wrote a research paper to go along with it. The idea behind this research is to understand the dynamism of the river and all of the things that should be understood about it when designing a landscape that will interact with it on a day to day basis. The presentation format is in a web application called “prezi”. Similar to powerpoint it lets you use a large board that zooms in and out on specific frames that you put into a linear order. At any point you can manipulate the board to pause, go back or move around to another area. In this case it was accompanied with a verbal presentation.

Micro-Landscape Update(s)

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My two grasses have both run their course. The life span for such grasses is only a couple of weeks, but mine seemed to almost last an entire month. The grass that grew the fastest and highest, which was around the disturbance wall, died the first. My theory for why the grass grew best there was that the wood was soaking up the sporadic watering and keeping the surrounding area moist for a longer period than the areas that drained and became drier quicker.

I’ve waited a few days for the grass to become brittle and break down, so that I can get in and reseed with some herbs. I am going to plant three distinct and separate areas. One at the top of the planter edge. One at the bottom of the swale and one right at the spot where the grass grew the highest. I plan to catalog their growth in the same way that I did with the grass.

Planter as it looks today

Planter as it looked one week ago


Annotate Site Observation

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By observing change over a brief period of time, one is forced to use analysis and imagination to understand what future conditions on the site will be like. Any piece of design, but especially those of landscapes, are not frozen in time upon completion. What you design and construct will take on a completely different experience and meaning as days, months, seasons and years pass. Desoto is definitely a landscape in flux and any observations or design decisions must account for both the minor and major changes that will occur there.

This exercise began the process of listing those changes, by making note of what was happening there upon arrival and then documenting the quick, gradual and long term changes that stood out to me or I speculated would happen.

The outer ring of annotations contain observations that happened when I first arrived. The inner ring is for elements that changed or I thought would change. The annotations aren connected to the two rings by three color coded leader lines. Yellow being a connection to the present or future as having sudden change potential, green having gradual change potential and orange as long term change potential.

Birthday Inspiration

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This is a drawing that Xue Yao made me for my birthday. One day I hope to be able to draw this well. I think it is a valuable skill to be able to quickly translate something in your minds eye to a medium which anyone can quickly understand.

Girl in the snow

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